I'm thinking this weekend that in all the states where trans medical care for youth is illegal, it's legal for people under 18 to enter into marriage.

So you can be too young to know your gender, but not too young to marry someone.

I'm playing around with some 40G over single pair MMF (OM4) at home. This stuff is finicky. (I'm using 40G LX4). Do not recommend. Finally got it running (mostly) clean -- just the 19 errors that occurred 6 hours ago.

When I'm seeing Dutch these days, I'm actually recognizing phrases and understanding some of it. Learning the language is going VERY slow for me (language is the hardest thing for me to learn), but I'm looking forward to visiting the Netherlands one day when I actually know some of the language (last time I visited, I knew none of the language).

I was reading a review of a professor I'll have next semmester:

"Professor is too academic."

Uh...that is kind of what they do...

I wonder what I'm missing to make Mastodon clean out old cache files routinely on its' own... How does cleanup work with Mastodon, anyone?

I wish a government - any government - would hire trans-competent public health people.

You know you are part of an oppressed group anytime you hear of someone who has an identity in common with you being a bad person, and your first thought is, "now I'm going to lose another civil right."

Always fascinating to receive a used network switch that needed a minor repair, and, after being repaired, now exposes that major corporation's network configuration.

Trans men and non-binary people who can get pregnant: I SEE YOU.

I'm sorry for the erasure happening to you today. Your bodies, lives, dreams, safety, and health matters to me.

Roberts -> GW Bush
Thomas --> Bush Sr.
Alito --> GW Bush
Gorsuch -> Trump
Kavanaugh -> Trump
Barrett -> Trump

Breyer --> Clinton
Sotomayor -> Clinton
Kagen -> Obama

Hopefully I don't get paged tonight by my house. It did page me last night.

When a trans person posts a selfie, it is something to celebrate, because we get so many negative messages about our appearances, some even from ourselves. I definitely struggle with my own appearance, but it is important to have some self-love for ourselves too.

This is one way we can love ourselves.

Plus, it was a beautiful evening for a walk!

Do you think sometimes, "I don't know if I'm cis or not?"

It's okay to experiment with gender! Ask a trusted friend (or Starbucks barista!) to call you by another name or pronoun. Maybe it will fit. Maybe it won't.

Either way, you'll learn something about gender & yourself. And that's a win-win!

The word "binary" in reference to gender was used by trans people in writings in the 1980s.

Most DEI efforts don't meaningfully change anything. It's just PR for what they would do otherwise for profit.

Segmented marketing isn't DEI. It's profit-driven.

Need workers? You'll recruit women then! That's not DEI. Actual DEI shows up when you lay people off. Who is cut?

I'm still trying to figure out how anyone didn't realize that cryptocurrency would eventually trend towards zero.

I don't want abortion only for the people that "need" it.

I want abortion without it being anyone's business "why."

I found a use for Twitter. Shitting on brand accounts posting happy pride messages for companies that are actively harming queer people.

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