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My pet peeve: assuming trans people transition physically for sex.

I am so sick of these allergies, adding to an already tough week.

I saw that a trans person posted a picture of her "before" picture next to her "after" today.

And it struck me again how much the eyes change with transition. There is life in trans peoples' eyes when they start living as themselves. And that is missing in the before pictures.

Trans peoples' eyes, when living as themselves, are beautiful.

So Comedy Asshole is in the news again for...yep, transphobic comedy.

Seriously, dude, I'm sorry you can't just own your attraction for trans women. But if you can't, maybe you should, I don't know, quit focusing on the subject?

Just saying.

To all the people who justify anti-choice positions with “my kids are the best thing in my life,” I say my gay marriage is that in mine. Yet I am not advocating eliminating straight marriage—because I realize my personal situation isn’t a universal truth. You should try that.

Being in neurotyipcal space most of my day, I forget how wonderful it can be to be in autistic space. Not needing to suppress my stims is amazing.

As a reminder to youth:

Every living generation has some of the most radical, powerful, take-no-shit activists fighting for a better world.

Just maybe we should be careful about ageist bullshit.

A reminder to older people:

Every living generation has strategic, creative people who know how to channel the energy of anger into something focused.

Just maybe we should be careful about ageist bullshit.

Note that one aspect of the Tea Party was awful: dressing as Native Americans.

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Almost all anti-protest rhetoric cones down to this: why don’t you protest in a way that doesn’t bother or disrupt anyone or harm property.

I can only imagine the condemnation by rich Americans of the Boston Tea Party if it happened today…

Five separate reminders for a mammogram that isn't scheduled for another few days is a bit excessive.

I have never once in my life missed a medical appointment. Leave me alone.

Do non-Americans know that Americans have to negotiate their medical bills -- but that happens usually *AFTER* they are billed the first time.

Like you break your leg, go to the hospital, get it fixed, THEN get a bill for a random amount -- that the hospital won't even be able to predict when they take care of your leg -- and then you literally negotiate to say "I think that should be $10,000, not $80,000" and maybe or maybe not the hospital will agree?

People: "The SCOTUS draft opinion is treating babies as a product for adoption!"

Joelle: <stares in gender studies major>

Seriously, American adoption is fucked up. I'm not saying all adoptions are unethical or nothing good comes from it, but there is a lot of ethical problems in American adoption.

Some people are acting like safe, legal abortion is available to all Americans today.

It's not.

Things like waiting periods, cost, protesters, long travel distances, parental notification requirements, criminalization, gestation limits, fatphobia, culturally insensitive care, domestic abuse, etc, are barriers that keep women (and others) from accessing safe, legal care.

Just donated to the Chelsea fund, an abortion fund that helps Wyoming people who need access to abortion.

I know I know a few other tech workers that make decent money. If that's you, do what I did: find a local abortion fund and donate. It takes just a few minutes.

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